Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tribal Gothic Songs now on SoundCloud


Dark Alien Gothic Ambient Psychedelic Surrealistic - and sometimes a hint of Victorian SteamPunk.


The Apparition

This is a true story. After all these years, I still wonder what really happened. Sometimes Mysteries remain Mysteries.

...sniped details...
Personally, I don’t have an answer, but it was an amazing occurrence. I dreamed of this event for years afterwards.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Space-Time Distortion UFO Hoax

Earlier today, I shared a photo on Twitter of a “UFO” actually within my home – Distorting Space and Time.  This photo was anonymously emailed to me this morning.  See photo below.
 The mystery was finally solved when I found proof that Purple Bunny (a.k.a. Crazy Bunny) used a Starbucks Frappuccino bottle cap and a Salvador Dali Clock to create the Illusion. I apologize to the many UFO groups that contacted me today for details and requests for interviews.  I offer the below photograph as comparative evidence, and hope we can all put this incident behind us.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Failed Event in Time

Inspired by one of my favorite Movies: The Time Machine (1960), I created an Ambient, TeslaPunk, SteamPunk, Sound-scape piece of Music. Imagine that a Victorian Time Machine was started up – and something went wrong... Something just didn’t go quite right...

The Time Machine (1960) at IMDB

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Gothic Ambient Adventures of Crazy Bunny

I have started writing Electronic Music again after a few years off. Going for the Gothic, Ambient, Psychedelic sound that I toyed with in the distant past, I have started the new venture with a series of songs based upon the Adventures of Crazy Bunny. Poor little Crazy Bunny always seems to be getting into trouble. I have three songs created at this time, with more in the works. I will update the blog with each finished song. These songs are in mp3 format and available at – just click on the links below the image of Crazy Bunny...
The first song about Crazy Bunny’s adventures is: ‎"Crazy Bunny's Acid Nightmare" - first song I have created in a few years (about 2 MB). In this adventure, Crazy Bunny has a little trippy experience.

Song 2 (about 3.5 MB) in the Crazy Bunny series... Crazy Bunny stumbles upon the real "Plan 9 from Outer Space" - Ooops…  "Crazy Bunny's Plan 9 from Outer Space"

Song 3in the Crazy Bunny Series: "Crazy Bunny Finds a Balloon"
Gothic, Ambient, Psychedelic...

The next songs scheduled are:
Crazy Bunny finds a Sugar cube” and “Crazy Bunny’s Steampunk Adventure


Friday, September 10, 2010

My Alien, Mad Max and Sci-Fi Inspiration

My Alien, Mad Max and Sci-Fi Inspiration is revealed in this old photo of one of my earliest Large Airbrush Paintings from the mid 1980’s.  Clkick on image for a larger view. (These are the two central panels - top of painting not shown.)
Obviously inspired by Giger and Alien, this painting is actually 8' by 16’ when the two side panels (not shown here, but are shown below) are attached. (Yes, that is 16 feet.)   The Canon in front of the Painting was made in the early 1990's and is featured elsewhere in this Blog. The debris on the floor of my old Bay of Miami, Studio is broken glass from firing the Canon inside and destroying the overhead lighting of the 21’ high Cathedral Ceiling. This was one of many Canons I created and they shot everything from toy Teddy Bears to Tennis Balls… This one would fire a Teddy Bear four stories. Over the years, I have lost many works of art, since Explosives and Art do not always mix very well. Thus, I stay away from Explosives these days.
Left and Right Side Panels (without Central Panel).  I am actively looking for my photos of the Center Panel !

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Nightmare...

A few nights ago, I experienced an unusually vivid Nightmare which was accompanied by pronounced emotions of terror and dread. While I am a prolific dreamer, this was quite an unusual experience. The Dream or Nightmare basically started with me standing in an upstairs, outside balcony - of a house I lived in about 20 years ago. Note that this house did not actually have this upstairs, outside balcony setup. As I stood there, I noticed with the impending feelings of terror and dread, that the Moon was low on the horizon and oppressively large. Probably three times larger than the largest I have ever seen it in reality. It was in front of what appeared to be a Black Hole and an outer black circle.

The bizarre thing is that this did not seem to have a Dream quality about it. It was so vivid and my thinking was very clear and analytical. The scene was extremely pronounced. I immediately thought that I should go check the News – thinking that perhaps the reporters would have an announcement on some disastrous cosmic event with impending doom. Doom was definitely the feel of the dream. This is when I noticed the sky… The sky was Black. Hauntingly Black. From just before the Moon to back behind me and off to the sides… Black. I then noticed that there were very dark grey patterns, a mosaic pattern up in the sky. I realized these almost black patterns were moving slowly forward towards the Moon. The Whole Sky was moving overhead. I realized it was an absolutely enormous UFO! To block out the whole sky all the way off to the distance, it would have to be as large as Alaska – perhaps as large as the whole United States, or larger. I was as shocked as I have ever been in a dream.

I am not a Doom and Gloom person. I love all things Gothic, Sci-Fi, Horror – but in the Artistic sense. I do not believe in popular End-of-the-World scenarios (Y2K, Revelations, Nostradamus, 2012, etc…) I am very scientific and analytical – though, I do believe in “Paranormal” strangeness - and I have certainly had my share of such activities over the years. Everything from growing up in a “Haunted House” where it was normal to hear voices at night and view occasional nocturnal glowing Orbs in the back yard. I have had a problem throughout the years with watches that stopped working. I seem to affect streetlights, and throughout the years I would have infrequent episodes that fit the classic description of Out-of-Body experiences. The house I currently live in seems to be frequented by Darting Shadows. However, this Dream simply is a mystery. If part of the “Paranormal” weirdness, I just don’t get it. But, weirdness it definitely was!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Explosive Art and Sci-fi Insanity

Over the years, I have been involved in creating a variety of “Performance Art” which mostly included electricity, jiggling Baby dolls hanging from hooks or, Explosives. In today’s crazy, paranoid world, I no longer create art with Explosives. First; if a problem arose, it would be hard to explain to the officials of today’s mindset that: no, really I am just building a Syfy Cannon for fun – not to destroy the world. And second; I feel that I survived several close calls throughout the years - misfires, cannons overloaded, etc. I once fired a cannon inside my studio that wiped out several paintings. And I once fired a “Teddy Bear Cannon” inside an Art Gallery on Miami Beach that almost took out a fellow Artist. I simply take the safer approach these days.

However, those memories from the Explosives Art Days are some of my favorites. I built Sci-fi Cannons that shot everything from toy animals to Fluorescent Light Tubes. I had one Hell of a good time!!! Below are just a few photos from that era.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Higgs Boson - Found!!!

I really don’t know why Scientists have such a hard time finding things. Recently, they have gone to such trouble and expense to find the “Elusive” Higgs Boson. Building the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and using other extreme measures, they have so far failed. I have decided to give them just a little help.

With a simple search at I found Mr. Higgs Boson with little difficulty. You can duplicate my search and findings using this link: Images of my findings are posted below.  Click on the Images to Enlarge. I really do not expect the Scientific Community to award me the Billions of Dollars I just saved them – however, a few funds deposited into my Bank Account is always welcome.   I will next try to find Dark Matter.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Esoteric Messages – 11:11 The Ghost in the Machine

Since about 1980 I have encountered a strange phenomena (adding to my already existing other strange phenomena of OOBE experiences, Lucid Dreams, Street Light Interference Syndrome and witnessing weird Plasma Spheres). The emerging phenomena was simply the frequent occurrence of 11:11 on digital clocks – and progressing to other means of manifestations (such as on printed receipts, etc.) Back in the 1980’s, there was no Home PC and Internet (for the most part, it existed for College and Military use) and no real way to search out any information on the subject at hand, except to simply ask if anyone else was experiencing this bizarreness. With a little asking around, I did find out that my Sister and Mother also experienced this “Ghost in the Machine” (as I would later name it). Thus, if this was an indication of some form of Insanity, at least we kept in the family.

In the mid 1990’s with access to Home Pc’s and the Internet, I finally did a search for 11:11 (while writing an article on the topic) – and was completely blown away by what I found! Seemingly thousands (perhaps hundreds of thousands) of people were experiencing a phenomenon I thought was my own private crack in “Reality”. Thousands! I found articles, groups, theories and more. I was floored. WTF was going on!

Most theories involved a person, or a particular group, wrapping personal & current Belief Systems around the 11:11 enigma to enforce said belief systems. Ideas such as: Messages from “Angels”, “God” and the “Higher Self” were frequent. However, since I try to avoid Wal-Mart (and listening to Elvis) and since I feel that “Angels”, “Demons”, “God” or the “Higher Self” are not really responsible for vague 11:11 occurrences - and plates of spaghetti looking like Iconic Figures from Religion and Myth, I felt there must be some more “Logical” reason for this phenomenon.

The Scientific Approach:

For seeking the obvious, I looked at the method of manifestation. 11:11 seemed mostly to be a Digital Phenomenon, since who would really notice it on a sundial or analog clock. It started for me in 1980 (even though some groups stated that the 11:11 current started / was initiated much later) and often, it was actually Flashing on my old Digital Alarm Clock. Even a receipt printout that contained a total of $11.11 was manifested via a digital machine. (This purchase made while talking to a friend about 11:11)

While studding Quantum Mechanics & Entanglement, Non-Local Reality, Multiple Universe Theory and Holographic Universe Theory – I found out about current attempts by a few Theoretical Scientists who are actually working on sending a signal Back in Time via Laser (such as the experiments of University of Washington physicist John Cramer and others ). This experimentation is currently in the works – however, what if the first major success of “Time Travel” is the successful transmission of “11:11” from the Future, to the Digital Quantum Matrix of Today (and focused initiation around 1980). This would be perfect for the process: A simple signal that would gradually get enough attention, for enough years, to finally not only get noticed as something bizarre, but get reported enough in different media – meaning that if sent far enough from the Future – It could be recorded and recovered. Kind of reminds me of: Bad Wolf from Dr Who.

This process may not actually be confined to Protons (or even those elusive Tachyons) – it may be Mental Energy affecting the Digital Quantum Matrix. So, if I could get each of you reading this – please pass this on to anyone that may wish to try this experiment: Focus nightly on sending a Mental Signal of 11:11 to about 1980 through 2010. Do this nightly for as long as you can. If successful, we will have masses of people reporting the bizarre phenomena of 11:11, and wondering, just what is this Ghost in the machine.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Meeting H.R. Giger...

I met with H.R. Giger, my long-time Artistic Idol, on Friday, June 28, 2002 at his museum in the 400 year old castle of Chateau Saint-Germain, in Gruyeres, Switzerland. I can't stress enough how nice Giger actually was. Not only is he an amazing artist (and one of the most influential of the late 20th century - and earyl 21st century) he is an amazing person.

My mini Giger Shrine includes a book that Giger graciously signed for me (including a personalized fingerprint - as he touched the wet ink and then pressed it to the book), a photo of the encounter and a pamphlet for the Giger Museum.

In the Giger Museum you will find many classic works by Giger (some of my personal favorites) and works by other artists. There is nothing like seeing this incredible work up close. The detail simply isn't conveyed in his books. Paintings, sculptures and more; it is an amazing sight to see. The Giger Bar across the street from the museum is now open. It was a dusty work in progress when I visited in 2002. Amazingly, H.R. Giger invited me in to tour the unfinished Giger Bar. I had no sleep the night before, but this experience was my caffeine high.
Giger Bar in very early stages - Friday, June 28, 2002

Courtyard to the Giger Museum


Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Windrow-Ravenswood Deck by Winneganfake

I am going to feature different Artists now and then on this blog. The first to be featured is known on Twitter as: Winneganfake (who seems to depict images of treasures lost to history). The following image is: King of Sea.

"The Windrow-Ravenswood Deck. Long thought lost in the annals of history and urban legend..."

"Correspondance: The King of Hearts or Cups.
Divination: The King of the Sea lies deep beneath the surface of all things. He is the relentless force of the tides, the unrestrained hunger of the depths. He embodies strength, raw force, and the most primal elements of nature."
Many fine works by Winneganfake can be found here:
More info on the The Windrow-Ravenswood Playing Deck can be found at Tormented Artifacts:
King of Bones by Winneganfake

Friday, June 25, 2010

Promoting Gothic, Steampunk and Sci-Fi Artists

I will start promoting other Gothic, Dark Fantasy, Steampunk and Sci-Fi Artists on my blog.  I will soon be increasing redership and sharing links. If you are interested, contact me via Twitter.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Garden in Progress

Little by little, the Front Garden is taking shape. I still have a problem with Mint trying to take over - it has crept into the Frog Pond (obscured in this photo) and the Frogs are now Minty fresh.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Alien Gothic Steampunk - Reversible Necklace Pendant

Unique, Fantasy Design with elements of the Cosmos. From Beyond... When the Alien Alternate Dimensions of Gothic and Steampunk collide... A very unique Alien Gothic piece of Art. Strangely and Beautifully Adorned with esoteric Texture, Antique Clock/Watch parts and Swarovski Crystal.

One-of-a-Kind: Made with hardened Polymer, Velvet cord, Clasp. Matte coating. Black and Silver. Main Pendant is 2 3/4" High. Black Velvet Cord with silver fasteners.

Just listed this on Etsy:

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Visitors...

I am visited by a unique group of eclectic Visitors. Some visit by day, and some by night. Some are very stealthy - and some more bold. They come out of the shadows, out of the bushes, out of the trees… Some come out of the sky.

Even though I live within the City Limits (only 15 minutes from Downtown) The Visitors come and visit me every day and every night.  They creep, craw, walk, slither and fly.

They know the Day and know the Night. They carefully chose ther visits…

This is a visual list of some of The Visitors:

Monday, May 24, 2010

LOST Thoughts - and darker concepts...

I rewrote bits and pieces of this since first published.

So… It seems that perhaps, LOST did not really have a game plan from day one (as they did in The Prisoner, for instance) and those in charge tied up as much as they could, considering that several occurrences and facts within the story were a bit contradictory.

My Choice of Ending: After two hours of a good season finale, LOST fell a little short and delivered a feel-good ending that really did not add up to the complete accumulated timeline and story facts. I imagined a bit darker ending - where at the very end, you would have Jack, and perhaps Desmond sitting on the beach and Desmond asks: “Why won’t you let me leave?” in fantastic Jacob / MIB fashion.

Ending the show with everyone being in Purgatory (or, more realistically perhaps – the Astral) and then moving on… For one thing, for all of them to create their Thought Form Reality within the Astral, they already must have known “where” to “meet” within such said “Reality” – which would really defeat the whole deal of: A place where you could find each other. Let me state that again. Oh, never mind. Just reread it.  The ending did however fit with the whole Dharma Buddhism aspect.

One little pet peeve of mine with some of the viewers is that many posted after the finale: “Oh, I was right. I had this idea in Season 2.” Meaning, that everyone was dead and that they were in Purgatory. Actually, this isn’t the case at all. They were NOT dead on the island. Some died on the island (Such as Jack) and some died much later - Hurley, Kate, Desmond, etc. Some even died off of the island – such as Kate, Desmond, Sawyer, Richard, etc.

I really expected a much stranger and more honest ending. The Light could have been Alien or technological in nature – or perhaps more in line with Ancient Jinn Myths. The Wheel that changes the Dimensional qualities of Time Displacement..? What happened there? It was too good of an idea to abandon. And, all this talk about “The Rules” and what about Richard Alpert (and not Richard Alpert/Ram Dass – though, that would be very interesting), Egyptian Statues, and: What is the Island? Excuse me, but: What the hell is the Island!

I feel that they took the easy way out (and we should have seen it coming with names like: Jack Shepard and Christian Shepard). Touching - yes. A good ending - well...

Oh, for those who still don’t get it: They did NOT die when the plane crashed on the Island.

One last thought: Was it really all about Jack? Lost opened with Jack opening his eyes – and ended with jack closing his eyes. In one way, it was about Jack. In other ways, it wasn't of course...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lab Monkey Death Dream

This was Painted several years ago in protest, when I read a report of animal abuse: Hideous experiments on Monkeys, Dogs and other animals. Many Artists who paint dark destructive scenes have a soft spot for animals. I do believe that in today’s society, there are other ways to sufficiently gain lab results without abusing animals.

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Frog Pond Mystery

I built a small Pond about 4 years ago and surrounded it with Rose, Lavender, Mint and other blooming plants. It has a fountain in the center and was used basically for decoration. A couple years ago, a bunch of Water Frogs moved in. I am not sure where these frogs came from, as the closest water source is a small creek about two blocks away. I end up with about 6 Frogs each year – and after mating season, a pond full of Tadpoles.

The Garden next to the Pond

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Gothic Steampunk Gardens

Most of my Gardens are not really Gothic or Steampunk. However, I have started to incorporate Gothic and Steampunk elements into some of the Mini Gardens. Here are just a couple photos of the beginning works. I will Blog more about the Gardens and share more Photos as the Gardens progress...

Gothic Solar Light 

Steampunk Rabbit

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Beauty of Travel

I have traveled quite a bit in my life. From Miami to NY to San Francisco to much of the United States - the Bahamas; Mexico; Prague; London; Paris; Belgium; Copenhagen, Norway, Sweden, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland… The list goes on.
I would really love to inspire others to get off their Ass and Travel! The world is an amazing place to visit. The Map is NOT the Territory – see it in person. Live in another country for a while – experience this planet. I have lived in and visited many places. Enjoy this huge mud ball floating through space. It is quite an experience!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Modern Alchemy

"The eternal quest of Alchemists – to change base metals into gold – was actually achieved to a certain degree in Soviet nuclear reactors, where radioactivity transformed some Lead nuclei into Gold."   --Discovery Magazine

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Exotic Bat Flower

Most of my Gothic friends know about the Bat Flower, or Devil Flower (Tacca chantrieri) and admire the exotic quality of this species - native to the humid regions of Southeast Asia. I originally came across this specimen while living in Copenhagen. The local flower stores imported this variety of exotica from Spain. They do well in the Tropics and Sub-Tropics; however, getting them to survive a cold winter indoors is very tricky, but some do have success. This link has a bit more information on the Exotic Bat Flower:

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dragons, Bikers & Design...

About 20 years ago, my Biker friend Robert, requested my help and expertise for creating a Dragon around the small pond he recently installed. We didn’t draw up any plans – we just fueled our creative juices by consuming beer and Tequila; and allowing the South Florida sun to cook our brains just a bit more than usual. Our plan was that Robert would drive me to the local building supply outlet in his El Camino and I would select 50 lb bags of concrete mix (the total ended up being approximately 2,200 lbs of concrete mix), wire, tubing, buckets and just about anything else I could think of. I had been designing Nightclub Interiors at the time – and had plenty of ideas.
Robert knew we were in trouble when I had about 8’ of ground foundation laid down and he said: “Oh, yea. That will look good.” And I replied: “That is just the main section of the Body. Still need neck, head and tail.” If you measure the Dragon by following the curves from tip of the tongue to the tail, it measures about 20’ long. Robert helped quite a bit with the design of the head – and helped mix and dig, drag, push and pull… Considering my plans of having the Dragon spit fire didn’t materialize, I think the project turned out quite well.
After the Dragon was completed and the final touches were added to the pond and surrounding landscape, Robert added an Orchard garden and then won the North Miami Beach Beautification Award for 1990.
Robert & Dragon (& Beer)