Wednesday, August 26, 2009

SteamPunk Paperweight by Vie Mecanique.

From an Alternate Fantasy SteamPunk World... Very decorative and unique Metal, Glass and Wood SteamPunk Paperweight of Victorian Fantasy design. Light refracts and uniquely bends and enhances image depending on lighting and angle of viewing. 3" dia. at base.

Made from old Watch and Pocket Watch parts, Swarovski crystals, fine Magnifying Glass Dome, wood and felt base.

SteamPunk Paperweight by Vie Mecanique

SteamPunk Paperweight by Vie Mecanique

Magnified SteamPunk Paperweight.

Monday, August 24, 2009

After many years of being an Artist, Musician, Cosmic Entity, Quantum thinker...

After many years of being an Artist, Musician, Cosmic Entity, Quantum thinker; and whatever else I am – I still continue to recreate myself; reinvent the patterns that are “Me”. Like rings on a tree, each one being a slightly different progression. These past few years have seen a modification of personality – perhaps more understanding, I hope. The real point is that we create our “Reality” one thought at a time. It doesn’t matter if you look at it from a Quantum Physics viewpoint (sub-atomic; wave collapsed to a particle = manifestation to Newtonian “reality”) - or, a Kabbalistic structure of manifestation of possibility to material (Yesod to Malkuth). Each “Thought” and “Belief” continually creates ourselves; our  “Reality”. We are directors of a movie of life. Sure, there are special effects teams, supporting actors / actresses sub-directors, critics… However, it is Our film. As an example of modified “Reality”; I never thought I would meet my favorite Artist (who, the adventures of, I had following through Magazines, Movies and the Internet)  – but when I allowed that reality of actually meeting this person, I met him in his museum in Switzerland some years ago. I never thought I would see one of my most inspiring and favorite paintings – but when I allowed that reality, I saw this painting up close in person at the Prada in Spain. I never thought I would live in Copenhagen, Denmark (where Niels Bohr made such a Quantum splash)… I ended up living there for almost 4 years. Now, I am in the next moment of allowing a new positive reality to manifest! New Ideas and works. New modes of thinking and living.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mostly from our WordPress Blog

Much of this blog from the beginning will be from the Tribal Gothic WordPress Blog. This is giving us an opportunity to be creative and experiment with different features from various web apps.

Tribal Gothic is up and running on WordPress!

This is our first post on WordPress.  We will be sharing updates as well as photos of  New Gothic Steampunk Creations. Now, back to the Studio...

Steam-Time II