Tuesday, September 22, 2009

An Evening with Vincent Price

I have always been active in meeting and engaging with personal Icons and inspiring individuals. For the first half of my life, Vincent Price was such an Icon and such an inspiring individual. Many years ago (during one of his many peaks) I attended a lecture given by Vincent Price at a community college in South Florida. After the lecture, I met up with Mr. Price to offer the typical fan support and obtain an autograph. He seemed just a bit embarrassed about his iconic status, but obliged with the autograph, seeing how much I appreciated meeting him. He was truly a classic gentleman - and to me, an Icon.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Alien Gothic Steampunk - and Meteorites

I have been a Gothic Artist for many, many years. I have also produced Sci-fi and Steampunk inspired works for quite a few years (progressed from Cyberpunk). Always thinking beyond the normal boundaries – Rules/Regulations of certain varied Genre. Now, I have found some comfort in using the term: “Alien Gothic Steampunk” blending the Darker forms of Gothic Subculture with Steampunk and Sci-fi. I have started a new line of works (Pendants, Bracelets, etc.) that contain Meteorites (and other exotic ingredients). Long live Alien Gothic Steampunk!  http://viemecanique.etsy.com/

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Campo del Cielo Meteorite

Secret Ingredient:   Meteorite  -  Campo del Cielo 

Meteorite  - Campo del Cielo

 Basic  Information · Location: Campo del Cielo, Gran Chaco Gualamba, Argentina, about 500 miles north-northwest of Buenos Aries. Latitude 27 degrees 39 minutes South, Longitude 61 degrees 44 minutes West. · Structural Class: Coarse octahedrite, Og, Widmanstatten bandwidth 3.0 ±0.6 mm. · Chemical Class: Group I, 6.68% Ni, 0.43% Co, 0.25% P, 87 ppm Ga, 407 ppm Ge, 3.6 ppm Ir. · Time of Fall: 4,000 to 6,000 years ago

History The first record of the Campo was in 1576. A Spanish governor learned of the iron from the Indians who reportedly believed that it had fallen from heaven. The governor sent an expedition under the command of one Captain de Miraval who brought back a few pieces of a huge iron mass he called Meson de Fierro (large table of iron). The location of the find was the Campo del Cielo (field of the sky or heaven), a fitting name for the location of a meteorite. Since the Indians believed that the irons fell from heaven the name may have come from the meteorites. The area is an open brush-covered plain that has little water and no other rocks--very good country in which to locate meteorites.

Structure of the Campo del Cielo

The Campo del Cielo is described as a polycrystalline coarse octahedrite. At 3 mm the Widmanstatten bands are thicker than those at Canyon Diablo or Odessa, but still thin enough to have the same coarse octahedrite classification. The mass was composed of large austenite crystals from 5 to 50 cm in size. On break-up the fragments were cold worked like those at Sikhote-Alin and Gibeon. It has been hypothesized that the original body was tabular in shape and broke up on entry into the atmosphere. Chemistry of the Campo del Cielo: The Campo del Cielo is classified in Group I, 6.68% Ni, 0.43% Co, 0.25% P, 87 ppm Ga, 407 ppm Ge, 3.6 ppm Ir. Of course, almost all of the remaining portion of the meteorite is iron. The important minerals are: · Kamacite--this iron nickel alloy makes about 90 percent of specimens in finger size and width crystals. Neumann bands are common. · Taenite and plessite, the other iron-nickel alloy constituents are found at grain boundaries. · Schreibersite is uncommon. · Troilite is found aggregates with graphite and silicates.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sci-fi SteamPunk Scented Essential Oil Burner

Steampunk scented Oil Burner
Sci-fi SteamPunk Essential Oil Burner - for scented oils. Made of  Wood and metal SteamPunk Essential Oil Burner - of Sci-fi, Victorian Fantasy design.  This very unique one-of-a-kind item was made with vintage and found watch / pocket watch parts - plus, Swarovski crystals and found items. Painted wood base.   Oil holding area unscrews for easy cleaning. Can also rotate/adjust top portion for heat adjustment.