Friday, August 27, 2010

The Nightmare...

A few nights ago, I experienced an unusually vivid Nightmare which was accompanied by pronounced emotions of terror and dread. While I am a prolific dreamer, this was quite an unusual experience. The Dream or Nightmare basically started with me standing in an upstairs, outside balcony - of a house I lived in about 20 years ago. Note that this house did not actually have this upstairs, outside balcony setup. As I stood there, I noticed with the impending feelings of terror and dread, that the Moon was low on the horizon and oppressively large. Probably three times larger than the largest I have ever seen it in reality. It was in front of what appeared to be a Black Hole and an outer black circle.

The bizarre thing is that this did not seem to have a Dream quality about it. It was so vivid and my thinking was very clear and analytical. The scene was extremely pronounced. I immediately thought that I should go check the News – thinking that perhaps the reporters would have an announcement on some disastrous cosmic event with impending doom. Doom was definitely the feel of the dream. This is when I noticed the sky… The sky was Black. Hauntingly Black. From just before the Moon to back behind me and off to the sides… Black. I then noticed that there were very dark grey patterns, a mosaic pattern up in the sky. I realized these almost black patterns were moving slowly forward towards the Moon. The Whole Sky was moving overhead. I realized it was an absolutely enormous UFO! To block out the whole sky all the way off to the distance, it would have to be as large as Alaska – perhaps as large as the whole United States, or larger. I was as shocked as I have ever been in a dream.

I am not a Doom and Gloom person. I love all things Gothic, Sci-Fi, Horror – but in the Artistic sense. I do not believe in popular End-of-the-World scenarios (Y2K, Revelations, Nostradamus, 2012, etc…) I am very scientific and analytical – though, I do believe in “Paranormal” strangeness - and I have certainly had my share of such activities over the years. Everything from growing up in a “Haunted House” where it was normal to hear voices at night and view occasional nocturnal glowing Orbs in the back yard. I have had a problem throughout the years with watches that stopped working. I seem to affect streetlights, and throughout the years I would have infrequent episodes that fit the classic description of Out-of-Body experiences. The house I currently live in seems to be frequented by Darting Shadows. However, this Dream simply is a mystery. If part of the “Paranormal” weirdness, I just don’t get it. But, weirdness it definitely was!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Explosive Art and Sci-fi Insanity

Over the years, I have been involved in creating a variety of “Performance Art” which mostly included electricity, jiggling Baby dolls hanging from hooks or, Explosives. In today’s crazy, paranoid world, I no longer create art with Explosives. First; if a problem arose, it would be hard to explain to the officials of today’s mindset that: no, really I am just building a Syfy Cannon for fun – not to destroy the world. And second; I feel that I survived several close calls throughout the years - misfires, cannons overloaded, etc. I once fired a cannon inside my studio that wiped out several paintings. And I once fired a “Teddy Bear Cannon” inside an Art Gallery on Miami Beach that almost took out a fellow Artist. I simply take the safer approach these days.

However, those memories from the Explosives Art Days are some of my favorites. I built Sci-fi Cannons that shot everything from toy animals to Fluorescent Light Tubes. I had one Hell of a good time!!! Below are just a few photos from that era.