Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Explosive Art and Sci-fi Insanity

Over the years, I have been involved in creating a variety of “Performance Art” which mostly included electricity, jiggling Baby dolls hanging from hooks or, Explosives. In today’s crazy, paranoid world, I no longer create art with Explosives. First; if a problem arose, it would be hard to explain to the officials of today’s mindset that: no, really I am just building a Syfy Cannon for fun – not to destroy the world. And second; I feel that I survived several close calls throughout the years - misfires, cannons overloaded, etc. I once fired a cannon inside my studio that wiped out several paintings. And I once fired a “Teddy Bear Cannon” inside an Art Gallery on Miami Beach that almost took out a fellow Artist. I simply take the safer approach these days.

However, those memories from the Explosives Art Days are some of my favorites. I built Sci-fi Cannons that shot everything from toy animals to Fluorescent Light Tubes. I had one Hell of a good time!!! Below are just a few photos from that era.