Friday, September 10, 2010

My Alien, Mad Max and Sci-Fi Inspiration

My Alien, Mad Max and Sci-Fi Inspiration is revealed in this old photo of one of my earliest Large Airbrush Paintings from the mid 1980’s.  Clkick on image for a larger view. (These are the two central panels - top of painting not shown.)
Obviously inspired by Giger and Alien, this painting is actually 8' by 16’ when the two side panels (not shown here, but are shown below) are attached. (Yes, that is 16 feet.)   The Canon in front of the Painting was made in the early 1990's and is featured elsewhere in this Blog. The debris on the floor of my old Bay of Miami, Studio is broken glass from firing the Canon inside and destroying the overhead lighting of the 21’ high Cathedral Ceiling. This was one of many Canons I created and they shot everything from toy Teddy Bears to Tennis Balls… This one would fire a Teddy Bear four stories. Over the years, I have lost many works of art, since Explosives and Art do not always mix very well. Thus, I stay away from Explosives these days.
Left and Right Side Panels (without Central Panel).  I am actively looking for my photos of the Center Panel !

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