Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Higgs Boson - Found!!!

I really don’t know why Scientists have such a hard time finding things. Recently, they have gone to such trouble and expense to find the “Elusive” Higgs Boson. Building the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and using other extreme measures, they have so far failed. I have decided to give them just a little help.

With a simple search at I found Mr. Higgs Boson with little difficulty. You can duplicate my search and findings using this link: Images of my findings are posted below.  Click on the Images to Enlarge. I really do not expect the Scientific Community to award me the Billions of Dollars I just saved them – however, a few funds deposited into my Bank Account is always welcome.   I will next try to find Dark Matter.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Esoteric Messages – 11:11 The Ghost in the Machine

Since about 1980 I have encountered a strange phenomena (adding to my already existing other strange phenomena of OOBE experiences, Lucid Dreams, Street Light Interference Syndrome and witnessing weird Plasma Spheres). The emerging phenomena was simply the frequent occurrence of 11:11 on digital clocks – and progressing to other means of manifestations (such as on printed receipts, etc.) Back in the 1980’s, there was no Home PC and Internet (for the most part, it existed for College and Military use) and no real way to search out any information on the subject at hand, except to simply ask if anyone else was experiencing this bizarreness. With a little asking around, I did find out that my Sister and Mother also experienced this “Ghost in the Machine” (as I would later name it). Thus, if this was an indication of some form of Insanity, at least we kept in the family.

In the mid 1990’s with access to Home Pc’s and the Internet, I finally did a search for 11:11 (while writing an article on the topic) – and was completely blown away by what I found! Seemingly thousands (perhaps hundreds of thousands) of people were experiencing a phenomenon I thought was my own private crack in “Reality”. Thousands! I found articles, groups, theories and more. I was floored. WTF was going on!

Most theories involved a person, or a particular group, wrapping personal & current Belief Systems around the 11:11 enigma to enforce said belief systems. Ideas such as: Messages from “Angels”, “God” and the “Higher Self” were frequent. However, since I try to avoid Wal-Mart (and listening to Elvis) and since I feel that “Angels”, “Demons”, “God” or the “Higher Self” are not really responsible for vague 11:11 occurrences - and plates of spaghetti looking like Iconic Figures from Religion and Myth, I felt there must be some more “Logical” reason for this phenomenon.

The Scientific Approach:

For seeking the obvious, I looked at the method of manifestation. 11:11 seemed mostly to be a Digital Phenomenon, since who would really notice it on a sundial or analog clock. It started for me in 1980 (even though some groups stated that the 11:11 current started / was initiated much later) and often, it was actually Flashing on my old Digital Alarm Clock. Even a receipt printout that contained a total of $11.11 was manifested via a digital machine. (This purchase made while talking to a friend about 11:11)

While studding Quantum Mechanics & Entanglement, Non-Local Reality, Multiple Universe Theory and Holographic Universe Theory – I found out about current attempts by a few Theoretical Scientists who are actually working on sending a signal Back in Time via Laser (such as the experiments of University of Washington physicist John Cramer and others ). This experimentation is currently in the works – however, what if the first major success of “Time Travel” is the successful transmission of “11:11” from the Future, to the Digital Quantum Matrix of Today (and focused initiation around 1980). This would be perfect for the process: A simple signal that would gradually get enough attention, for enough years, to finally not only get noticed as something bizarre, but get reported enough in different media – meaning that if sent far enough from the Future – It could be recorded and recovered. Kind of reminds me of: Bad Wolf from Dr Who.

This process may not actually be confined to Protons (or even those elusive Tachyons) – it may be Mental Energy affecting the Digital Quantum Matrix. So, if I could get each of you reading this – please pass this on to anyone that may wish to try this experiment: Focus nightly on sending a Mental Signal of 11:11 to about 1980 through 2010. Do this nightly for as long as you can. If successful, we will have masses of people reporting the bizarre phenomena of 11:11, and wondering, just what is this Ghost in the machine.