Monday, May 24, 2010

LOST Thoughts - and darker concepts...

I rewrote bits and pieces of this since first published.

So… It seems that perhaps, LOST did not really have a game plan from day one (as they did in The Prisoner, for instance) and those in charge tied up as much as they could, considering that several occurrences and facts within the story were a bit contradictory.

My Choice of Ending: After two hours of a good season finale, LOST fell a little short and delivered a feel-good ending that really did not add up to the complete accumulated timeline and story facts. I imagined a bit darker ending - where at the very end, you would have Jack, and perhaps Desmond sitting on the beach and Desmond asks: “Why won’t you let me leave?” in fantastic Jacob / MIB fashion.

Ending the show with everyone being in Purgatory (or, more realistically perhaps – the Astral) and then moving on… For one thing, for all of them to create their Thought Form Reality within the Astral, they already must have known “where” to “meet” within such said “Reality” – which would really defeat the whole deal of: A place where you could find each other. Let me state that again. Oh, never mind. Just reread it.  The ending did however fit with the whole Dharma Buddhism aspect.

One little pet peeve of mine with some of the viewers is that many posted after the finale: “Oh, I was right. I had this idea in Season 2.” Meaning, that everyone was dead and that they were in Purgatory. Actually, this isn’t the case at all. They were NOT dead on the island. Some died on the island (Such as Jack) and some died much later - Hurley, Kate, Desmond, etc. Some even died off of the island – such as Kate, Desmond, Sawyer, Richard, etc.

I really expected a much stranger and more honest ending. The Light could have been Alien or technological in nature – or perhaps more in line with Ancient Jinn Myths. The Wheel that changes the Dimensional qualities of Time Displacement..? What happened there? It was too good of an idea to abandon. And, all this talk about “The Rules” and what about Richard Alpert (and not Richard Alpert/Ram Dass – though, that would be very interesting), Egyptian Statues, and: What is the Island? Excuse me, but: What the hell is the Island!

I feel that they took the easy way out (and we should have seen it coming with names like: Jack Shepard and Christian Shepard). Touching - yes. A good ending - well...

Oh, for those who still don’t get it: They did NOT die when the plane crashed on the Island.

One last thought: Was it really all about Jack? Lost opened with Jack opening his eyes – and ended with jack closing his eyes. In one way, it was about Jack. In other ways, it wasn't of course...