Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Gothic Ambient Adventures of Crazy Bunny

I have started writing Electronic Music again after a few years off. Going for the Gothic, Ambient, Psychedelic sound that I toyed with in the distant past, I have started the new venture with a series of songs based upon the Adventures of Crazy Bunny. Poor little Crazy Bunny always seems to be getting into trouble. I have three songs created at this time, with more in the works. I will update the blog with each finished song. These songs are in mp3 format and available at http://www.tribalgothic.com/ – just click on the links below the image of Crazy Bunny...
The first song about Crazy Bunny’s adventures is: ‎"Crazy Bunny's Acid Nightmare" http://tinyurl.com/2625774 - first song I have created in a few years (about 2 MB). In this adventure, Crazy Bunny has a little trippy experience.

Song 2 (about 3.5 MB) in the Crazy Bunny series... Crazy Bunny stumbles upon the real "Plan 9 from Outer Space" - Ooops…  "Crazy Bunny's Plan 9 from Outer Space" http://www.tribalgothic.com/Crazy_Bunnys_Plan_9V2.mp3

Song 3in the Crazy Bunny Series: "Crazy Bunny Finds a Balloon" http://tinyurl.com/2ejwp3z
Gothic, Ambient, Psychedelic...

The next songs scheduled are:
Crazy Bunny finds a Sugar cube” and “Crazy Bunny’s Steampunk Adventure



  1. Crazy bunny - stop messing around with that balloon...you're going to find yourself in trouble again!