Monday, April 4, 2011

Pennies from Heaven – Metaphysical Manifestation

Many years ago, while trying to figure out what bizarreness was occurring during sleep, I read a few books by Robert Monroe, including Journeys Out of The Body. Monroe mentioned that he had a piece of clothes hanging in the closet, that when checked, seemed to manifest two dollars (if I remember correctly). Occasionally, he would check this item and each time, there would be a couple dollar bills in the pocket. Each time he removed these bills, and the process repeated.

Recently, I found two pennies in the sink when moving a couple dishes that needed to be washed. Where the hell did these pennies come from, I wondered. I removed the pennies and placed them on the window ledge and washed the dishes. A couple days later, there were Two More Pennies in the sink! I first thought that they were the same pennies, but when I looked at the window ledge, the first two pennies were still there. I really appreciate this Cosmic Manifestation thingy - but, shouldn’t we be up to about two five dollar bills (from the original two dollars of Robert Monroe) and not down to two pennies. Anyway, I am appreciate and I hope the cosmic forces continue to fill up my sink with financial success.

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