Monday, January 17, 2011

Monster in the Closet - for Misbehaving Children

The Monster in the Closet M500 is a mechanical, automated device designed for unruly or misbehaving children. Using a simple Fear Technique to entice children to behave, or else. Secretly place the device on the floor, in the closet within the child’s room, and activate. Unit comes with rechargeable batteries (8 hr operation time), user manual and aroma refills.

The Monster in the Closet Model 500 comes with a variety of preprogrammed sounds actions and aromas all activated by a timer and a heat proximity sensor switch to sense a child’s movement towards the closet. As the child gets closer to the closet, the device, detecting the child's movement, emits aroma - and stronger and harsher scarier sounds and various vibrations simulating movement. If the child is too close to the door the device can create an ultra low frequency sound initiating nausea, vomiting and distress. If the child actually opens the closet door, the device renders an intense flash and emits a very loud scream. The child is shot with a stun gun rendering the child unconscious. The device then sends a Text Message to your cell phone to alert you of the situation. The device has 5 options for aromas, including rotten eggs, rotting flesh, pond scum, garbage, and cesspool.  Note: Sometimes harmful to small children.

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