Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Looking for Life in the Multiverse

It is nice to know that you have been in Fashion even before fashion arrives. As a long time enthusiast of Vampires and just about anything Gothic, I have also been quite the enthusiast of said Multiverse and Multidimensional “Realities” for the past 25 years. Seeing the esoteric possibilities of Multiple Dimensions arrive to the forefront of Scientific Thought has put quite a smile on my face. Dr. Kaku has taken the lead in this area, in recent times – with quite a prolific cornucopia of high-level thought on the subject - which has now hit the cover of Scientific American Magazine.

• Multiple other universes—each with its own laws of physics—may have emerged from the same primordial vacuum that gave rise to ours.
• Assuming they exist, many of those universes may contain intricate structures and perhaps varied forms of life.
• These findings suggest that our universe may not be as “finely tuned” for the emergence of life as previously thought.

And, per Vampires and Gothic...

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