Friday, December 11, 2009

Life as an Art Project - Esoteric Thought: Part I

Going back about 10 to 25 years ago, I was pushing the envelope every way I possibly could. I saw Life as an Art Project – and “Reality” as something fixed in parameters only to those who allowed restrictions, dogmatic structure and Social Programming to block out Potential and Possibilities with the ever present gossamer curtain hinted at within various Esoteric Orders (and richly illustrated in the movie: The Matrix). A fan of Socrates, Dr. Timothy Leary, Terence McKenna; and the fantastic mindset of: Think for Yourself & Question Everything. How can one be truly honest with the MultiVerse if one does not Question Everything. Freedom, is seeing Potential. Thank you Dr. Michio Kaku (and many modern Theoretical Scientists) for keeping the expansion of the “Mind” an important aspect of finding “Reality” – and finding our True Nature. From Quantum Mechanics to Multiple Dimensions and Multiple Universes… From Esoteric levels of formulation and Enlightenment; from Mystery Schools and Mothman Madness to new and emerging patterns of Thought…

I haven’t changed my position over the years. One still needs to push the boundaries. What is “Art”? What is “Reality”..? If you answer these questions too quickly, put more thought into it. I have changed the process I use. My Motto and Lifestyle use to be: “Wild Times and Wild Days”. I have had several glimpses behind the Curtain. Oz is exceedingly a bizarre place. I have learned that the Wizard is as much Us, as it is that great Known Unknown – the Mystery of the Cosmos. There is a Great Riddle of the Sphinx. The Answer to the Riddle isn’t really too hard to grasp. The Path to the Answer though…

Those Artist and Thinkers that resonate with the above Mental Masturbation will understand, and keep the Flame burning. Push the Edge. Know Thyself. Know thy Art. And truly know, that a glimpse beyond the curtain is only a moment away – only an experience away…


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