Friday, October 26, 2012

Autumn brings a sense of magic...

Autumn brings a sense of magic. The trees emerge themselves in mystical patterns, and the air cools down to bring subconscious feelings of something profound. It has been a ritual of mine, for many a year, to pay homage to Autumn by playing a song that, for me, embodies those magical Autumn feelings. There are an extremely limited number of songs that I would consider being truly magical in nature. These songs are magical not just because they are brilliant songs, but because they actually seem to resonate on a deeper level, in a way that perhaps transcends the veils.

The song I play each year in honor of Autumn is "The Light" by Love and Rockets. Later, I follow up the commencement of the ritual with "No Quarter" by Led Zeppelin. Then, to finalize the ritual, I play "The Emperor" by Mahogany Rush. I will quote a review of The Emperor, as I could not have said it better. "This track shifts emotionally from the introspective melancholy of a soul in despair to the raging anger of a warrior in battle to a wise man that has reached the end of his life. The lessons and trials of life seem to be breathing through the guitar during this epic masterpiece."


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