Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haitian Art Memories…

I lived in Miami and Miami Beach for most of my life. I moved from Miami in 2000 to visit Copenhagen for 4 years, and even though I did return to the US, I have so far failed to return to the land of Sun, Beaches and the Melting Pot of Nationalities. At one point, I lived in North Miami, just a block from the beautiful Intercostal Waterway. This was primarily a Haitian/Spanish area in which many of my neighborhood friends at the time were Haitian. These were very hard working people. They put up with my crazy Performance Art antics - in which I blew up many a TV set with gunpowder, and shot toy animals out of a Mad Max type Cannon. They were too busy working hard to feed their families, to worry about what Performance Art I might do next.

One of the Art Galleries I frequently exhibited at was a Haitian Art Gallery. Even though I was your standard pale Goth type; they just loved my crazy Dark Surrealistic style of painting. They even commissioned me to paint a few Deities from their structure of belief.

This recent devastation of Haiti hits close to home for me. Haitians never had the easy opportunities that some other nationalities automatically had when arriving in Miami. Life in Haiti was for the most part a poor man’s struggle. I am out of touch with my Haitian friends from the crazy Miami Art days, but my thoughts are with them and their families. I do not wish to get political, however there are many ways to help if you so desire. I will share this information just in case: American Red Cross Haiti Relief.

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